New Equipment at the Water Plant!

The new Ammonia Monochloramine Analyzer has been installed at the Water Plant!

What is an Ammonia Monochloramine Analyzer?

This piece of equipment provides continuous, 24 hour monitoring; giving our water plant operators the necessary data needed to control the chloramination process and prevent harmful nitrification events.

Additionally, the Analyzer provides all the information needed to eliminate nitrification events, taste, and odor issues for confidence in our chloramination process. This efficient, low maintenance solution will help to maintain the proper chlorine to ammonia ratio, and ensure there is no free ammonia in the system that could lead to nitrification.

Short Version: Continually tests ammonia and monochloramine levels to help ensure safe drinking water. 🚰

Candidate Withdrawal

Robert Hubbard has formally withdrawn from the April 11, 2023, City of Port Richey Mayoral Election. Unfortunately, the notice was received too late to change the format and content of the ballot. Please note: Votes for Robert Hubbard WILL NOT be counted.

The below notice has been provided by the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections and will be posted in the voting booths for early and election day voting.

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