Finance & Human Resources

The Finance Department is responsible for all financial activity and maintains the financial records for the city.  This includes Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll.  The Finance Department prepares information needed for the yearly financial audit, assists the City Manager in the preparation of the yearly budget and works with each department in maintaining budget parameters.

As the Human Resource Department we manage employee benefits, maintain employee records, are involved in the process of employment of new hires, involved in union contract negotiations, and provide support to departments and employees for all employee issues.

This department is also involved in Risk Management including Workers Compensation and liability claims.

Fiscal Operating BudgetsFiscal Audits
Final Budget 2020-2021
Final Budget 2019-20202019 CAFR
Final Budget 2018-20192018 CAFR
Final Budget 2017-20182017 CAFR
Final Budget 2016-20172016 CAFR
Final Budget 2015-20162015 CAFR
Final Budget 2014-20152014 CAFR
Final Budget 2013-20142013 CAFR
Final Budget 2012-20132012 CAFR
Final Budget 2011-20122011 CAFR
Final Budget 2010-20112010 CAFR
Final Budget 2009-20102009 CAFR

Finance & Human Resource Staff

Toni Hayes, Interim Finance Director            (727) 835-1268

Human Resource Manager                            (727) 835-1268

Jennifer Angilere, Finance Specialist              (727) 835-0969