Development Services

Dallas Foss, Building Official                                           (727) 835-1100

Veronica Hanson, Zoning Administrator                  (727) 835-1098

Joanne Jaquish, Permit Technician                             (727) 835-1099

Code Enforcement Officer (Vacant)                           (727) 277-5586

        Residential Grant Program Handbook available for review.

Permit Utilization Report – FY 20
Per Florida Statute 553.80(7)

Personnel services costs, including salary and related employee benefit costs incurred by the local government to enforce the Florida Building Code223,244
Operating Expenditures/Expenses156,952
Number of building permit applications submitted33
Number of building permits issued or approved31
Number of building inspections and re-inspections requested625
Number of building inspections and re-inspections conducted625
Inspections by Private Provider0
Audits of Private Provider Bldg. Inspections0
Number of Employees3
Revenue from Permit fees58,346
Revenue from Fines (re-inspection fees)0
Balance Carried Forward0
Revenue from Other Sources0