Community Redevelopment Agency

1. Full legal name:

Port Richey Community Redevelopment Agency

2. Public purpose:

The purpose of the CRA is to rehabilitate, conserve, and redevelop the defined redevelopment area (i.e. City limits)

3. Boundaries / service area:

Port Richey encompasses nearly 2.259 miles or 1,408 acres.

Click here for a map of the city limits

4. Services provided:

The CRA offers Public Safety, Public Works, Utilities, and Development Services. The CRA also provides redevelopment grants to residents through its Community Redevelopment Grant Program.

5. Charter / creation document:

Resolution NO. 02-02 and Municode

6. Date established:

January 8, 2002

7. Establishing entity:

City of Port Richey


8.  Community Redevelopment Agency Members