Abandoned & Foreclosed Properties

On February 9, 2010 the City Council enacted, pursuant to the home rule powers of the City of Port Richey, an Ordinance to regulate the maintenance of abandoned and foreclosed residential properties. Many of these homes are frequently vacant prior to the conclusion of the foreclosure process and these homes sit vacant for months or years at a time awaiting foreclosure sale; often creating an unattractive public nuisance. The existence of unsafe dwellings and other structures on improved property and the creation of pools, ponds, other bodies of water, or conditions which endanger the public health, welfare, property value, or safety of the community, has become an ever increasing menace in the city and constitutes a nuisance.

The City is facing challenges with funding and recovery of costs through the lien process for property maintenance. Many vacant and abandoned properties are the responsibility of out-of-state lenders and trustees who fail to adequately secure and maintain such properties.

A new section of the City Code has been created to require the registration of residential properties that are subject to foreclosure actions or proceedings. These properties will be subject to proper maintenance and inspections on a monthly basis for the duration of the vacancy. These properties will also be required to have an emergency contact name and phone number posted on the front of the home. To register a property, please complete the form below, print, and return to City Hall with payment. Ordinance 10-614 can be viewed by clicking here.

Abandoned Home Registration Form

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