Flow of a Code Enforcement Concern

What happens when I submit a concern to City of Port Richey Code Enforcement?

1. A complaint is received and a case is opened. (If a complaint pertains to another department or agency, the complaint is then referred and the case is closed).

2. The Code Enforcement Officer conducts a thorough investigation which may include research, site inspections, photographs, and sending correspondence. These steps provide the necessary information required to make a determination.

3. Once all research has been completed, a determination is made. Code Enforcement will then take necessary action(s). This may include a written warning or orders to correct, issuing a citation, issuing an order requiring unsafe structures or work sites to close or be vacated, and enforcement of permits.

4. Final processing occurs after the complaint is unfounded, referred or abated. The case is then closed.

For more information regarding Code Enforcement please call 727-835-1100.

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